Junk mail

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Re: Junk mail

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It'll only work with snail mail though, not with Hotmail... :grin:

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Re: Junk mail

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Helen wrote:I have a good way to stop repeat junk mail. I take all of the postage paid envelopes and switch the contents and mail them back. Almost anyone I do it to takes me off their list.
I've been doing that for years now. I first saw it on a Channel 5 Chronicle, news bit by Andy Rooney, now deceased. I don't know if it really stops these snail mail offerings but I do get a certain satisfaction knowing that they now have to pay for the return postage. :clapping:
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Re: Junk mail

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HansV wrote:It'll only work with snail mail though, not with Hotmail... :grin:
Definitely a good Outlook :smile: Hans
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