Whatsapp for Windows

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Re: Whatsapp for Windows

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I prefer WhatsApp on my laptop, it's easier to print compared to my Android phone App.
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Re: Whatsapp for Windows

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If you converse internationally, WhatsApp does it over the internet freely whereas you may be charged for text or data by your phone company.

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Re: Whatsapp for Windows

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Now, if WhatsApp would also work with people who only use SMS text messages, it would be dang near perfect . . .
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Re: Whatsapp for Windows

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That's never going to happen. While perhaps WhatsApp could be coded to handle incoming simple SMS texts I can't see being able to send out unencrypted replies.


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Re: Whatsapp for Windows

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stuck wrote:
12 Apr 2024, 17:43
Whatsapp doesn't just do chat messages, you can use it to make phone calls as well, both audio and video calls.

My wife doesn't have free minutes in her extremely basic call package, but she can call using whatsapp for free (she has to be connected to wifi, but that's because she doesn't have a data allowance either). So it doesn't eat your call allowance, but does eat your data allowance, unless you have broadband wifi available.

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