Emma's Summer Cake

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Emma's Summer Cake

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Emma's Summer Cake
I lifted this recipe from the Globe and Mail on Saturday 2017-07-15. The simplicity appealed to me.

I bought a pint each of Strawberries and Blueberries on Sunday, but in a fit of pique at not having bought ice-cream I ate the blueberries and half the strawberries AFTER I’d put the cooking margarine in the mixer.
So? As usual I modified the recipe. Just a little bit:-
(1) ½ cup of Cooking Margarine.
(2) 2 Eggs
(3) 2 tspns Baking Powder
(4) ½ cup icing Sugar (I’m out of white sugar and will not be buying more)
(5) ½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
(6) 1 tspn Vanilla Extract
(7) Just over 1 cup Strawberries, whole.
(8) 1 Ambrosia (sweet!) Apple, the peel discarded and the apple then peeled into thin slices.

I tossed everything but the two sets of fruit into the mixer and left it running while I cranked Ye Olde Ovene up to 375 and located a flat glass bowl.
I tossed in the fruit, and used a plastic ladle to push the whole strawberries into the batter.
I then turned the lot into my glass bowl.

Here it is, looking suspiciously like meringue whip!

Yes, that’s a strawberry coyly peeking out at the right hand side.
And this is what 45 minutes at 375 does to it.

When I took out a slice it just cried out for a teaspoon and a sit-down with a good book.
Tomorrow I am going to bake another one of these, to see if it cuts better if I leave it long enough to cool down.

More photos here

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Re: Emma's Summer Cake

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Yum... I wish I was there to lick out the batter bowl.
Just reading through the ingredients made my mouth water. :dribble:

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