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John Gray
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For those who like pretty pictures of bird formations, I recommend this BBC webpage! (Hope you can see it...)
John Gray

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Re: Spoon-erism

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A pretty convincing spoon!

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Re: Spoon-erism

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A murmuration of sweets?
Bob's yer Uncle!
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Re: Spoon-erism

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A lot of sugar in that spoon.

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Re: Spoon-erism

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Rudi wrote:
04 Jan 2022, 06:51
A lot of sugar in that spoon.
Surely there's a lot of spugar in that shoon?

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Re: Spoon-erism

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Looks fantastic, though those with contact experience say:
"Don't park your car outside and use an umbrella" :flee:
CYa Ron
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Re: Spoon-erism

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John Gray wrote:
03 Jan 2022, 14:49
For those who like pretty pictures of bird formations,
Hi John.
I DO like movies of those swarms of birds (and zebras and fishes).
Some of your respondents might be wondering what happens to the swarms when they de-swarm.
The individuals end up swooping on to my front lawn and hopping about like mad.
Now yesterday at lunchtime our ground was frozen, i know that because I tried to move a five-gallon tub and it was frozen to the ground.
The worms have long retreated six or more feet under except for the Eisenia fetida who got smart millennia ago and learned to lay eggs and then die. So what on/in earth are these scavengers hoping for?

"Lunchtime" because in the centre of the photo you can make out my bird-table which, early morning, is loaded with failed attempts at cooking ("Failure is not the opposite of success, it's a part of it") for my family of (now) four crows who make this as regular a stop-off as Bonavisticians do at Robbins donut shop up on Highway 230.

Highway 230: aka "Confederation Drive". aka "Discovery Trail". Typical Newfoundland trick to trap tourists.
Visitor: Where can I get a coffee around here?"
BV #1 "There is a place up on Highway 230"
BV #2 "And there is one on Confederation Drive"
BV #3 (excitdely) "And you will find one on Discovery Trail"

Since Highway #230 runs from our lighthouse to the junction of The Trans-Canada Highway, the luckless visitor is bound to find something suitable.
The use of "TCH" as a pseudonym for The Trans-Canada Highway will have to wait for another post. I need a coffee.

I must remember to post a PM to Admin; perhaps I should have posted this in a Windows forum.
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