Google Maps Roads

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Google Maps Roads

Post by grovelli »

For quite some time now when looking at Google Maps on a pc the smaller white roads get washed out. I can see here that if you select Retro you can solve the visibility problem but where do you go on Google Maps to select Retro?

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Re: Google Maps Roads

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You could go here: Snazzy Maps - Retro

(Your link is for creating custom maps in Google Maps; there is no Retro setting in the standard Google Maps)

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Re: Google Maps Roads

Post by BobH »

Not sure what you are asking about; however, my experience has been that if you zoom in the less traveled roads reappear. They are removed when zoomed out to avoid clutter on the screen. If you zoom in for detail, I think your 'white' roads will reappear. That has been my experience in using Google Maps, at least.
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