Wix Newbie seeks help

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Wix Newbie seeks help

Post by Sundog »

Anyone out there familiar with Wix? I have a website under development using it, and am stumped by an easy? problem.

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Re: Wix Newbie seeks help

Post by HansV »

Sorry, no.
Best wishes,

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Re: Wix Newbie seeks help

Post by stuck »

Sorry, can't help either.


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Re: Wix Newbie seeks help

Post by Jay Freedman »

Oops. I wrote
I used Wix and InstallShield before I retired a decade ago, and I've probably forgotten most of what I knew. But if you want to ask the question anyway, I'll see how much I can retrieve.
before I looked around and realized that the WiX (sic) that I knew, an installation tool like InstallShield, is not at all related to the Wix website builder you're asking about.