HTML to WordPress converter

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HTML to WordPress converter

Post by ABabeNChrist »

I am trying to convert my old HTML website to a WordPress. My old site was created using sitebuilder and now my website provider not longer allows the use of sitebuilder to make updates or changes. So now I would like to keep the my current HTML website format and layout but convert to WordPress if possible.

Any good suggestions for a good and simple HTML to WordPress converter

thank you

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Re: HTML to WordPress converter

Post by JoeP »

See if any of the links at Import a website into Wordpress help.

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Re: HTML to WordPress converter

Post by kdock »

I don't know anything about your site, and I've never used Sitebuilder, so of course I'm going to weigh in here. :grin:

Having worked quite a bit in plain HTML and now in WordPress, I'm not sure it will be simple converting the look of your site from HTML to WordPress.

Website builders generally create a site in a proprietary format with content served from a database. If your site has HTML in it, it likely also has some stuff that really only works with Sitebuilder. It might be easy to export/import whatever database/content info there is from your Sitebuilder site, but getting it to the same look and feel might be harder for a WordPress beginner.

It's kinda like the difference between WordPerfect and Word. People struggled for a long time trying to make Word look and work like WP, but that always ended in tears before bedtime. WordPress is a publishing program (especially using their "Gutenberg" tools) and you assemble your pages like building blocks. You don't really need HTML code at all, though a little knowledge of PHP can help. Along with skilled Googling.

You might get some advice from sites like You might also be able to find a new website provider who will happily do, or help you do, the move and conversion for the joy of getting a new customer. If you own your own domain, you'll want to install (or have your web host install) WordPress on your domain. You then find and choose your own theme, plugins, etc. Many, many, are free. If you know someone who uses WordPress now, lean heavily on them.

I may be telling you stuff you already know, so forgive me if I have. And since I don't know what your site it like, take it all with a grain of salt.

Best of luck, and share your progress! Kim
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Re: HTML to WordPress converter

Post by accuweb »

You must use HTML code to edit your website. However, this procedure is inconvenient and time-consuming, in today's software-driven world, creating a website has become a breeze. We no longer have to write mark-up ourselves, thanks to web developers; content management systems can easily handle it. Alternatively, if you already have a static website, may migrate it to WordPress.