A proposal for a better SpellCheck

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A proposal for a better SpellCheck

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I am referring to the regular practice of right-click on a mis-spelled word and using the context menu item to choose from a list of suggestions or to "AddWord".

Why not assume that any string which is right-clicked could benefit from allternative spellings? I left that spelling error in there on purpose; when you reply to this post your reply text box will contain that mis-spelling, and if you right-click the context menu will look like this:-
OK. So I should have typed alternative.
But maybe "alternate" would in this or some other case be a better word (depends on what I am trying to convey).

If so, then why not expand the inline spell-check to operate on words which happen to be spelled correctly. This would give the user a thesaurus-like function (and I have read (Bill Bryson?) that English is the only language that requires a thesaurus)

But why not?

If you have ever read back something that you (or anyone else) has written, wouldn't you make use of a pop-list of suggestions.

And yes, I am aware that word-processors support thesauruses, but why not browsers?
Cheers, Chris
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