Implementing Edit,Find with a URL.

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Implementing Edit,Find with a URL.

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My goal is to reach that part of the web page "" in which "case" is first found, thus:-
I am doing this because I want to provide a fast link to a specific place on a specific web page on any web site. (Well, OK, maybe not ANY, but for what I think of as regular text web pages).
In my specific example, I have not written up "case" in my manual, but I want to lodge a mechanism that would tell the impatient reader where to go in the reference manual for temporary help.

My knowledge of browsers and URLs is probably lower than my knowledge of Everything.

I have Google Search on most of my web pages, and I tried to work out how to adapt it to a site externally.
This is what the browser generates when I use sitesearch on my own site:-

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The following URL works for me:-

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Now let's change the name of the web site:-
This search turns up a slew of web pages, rather than a specific page, but I am getting closer:-

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Now I extend the web site name by appending the name of a specific page:-

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The code above takes me to the required page, but does not take me to a specif location in that page.
Of course the place(s) where "case" can be found are not bookmarked; and even if they were I would not know the bookmark name.

Thanks for any tips.
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