Firefox Autofill Logins - but NOT password?

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Firefox Autofill Logins - but NOT password?

Post by ChrisGreaves »

Win10-2004 Firefox 79.0(64bit)

I have read this thread (mozilla support) and followed some of its links.
I get the feeling that the version 79.0 of Firefox will allow me to save Login data - user and password - but not username alone.

Am I missing something?
I'll swear that I used (a couple of months ago) to see my bank account numbers pre-loaded for me, but the password fields left empty.

I could live with the hack (enter a single asterisk for the password and over type it to login), but I just know that if I implement that hack, as soon as my back is turned Firefox will fix this anomaly.

I am puzzled that security-conscious Firefox would dream of storing passwords.

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Re: Firefox Autofill Logins - but NOT password?

Post by BobH »

At my age memory is sometimes dysfunctional; however, IIRC, Fx asks if you want it to remember your passwords. I might very well be mistaken. If I'm correct, I don't know what to do if you have mistakenly told Fx to remember a password and want to make it un-remember it - which is something my brain accomplishes far too facilely.

And, I was NOT awake at 3:15 this morning heeding the warnings of my father who told me that 'nothing good happens after midnight.'

I found this web page discussing the feature that stores passwords but have not yet read it carefully enough to discover how to 'un-remember' them.
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