Dynamic text box in a chart?

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Dynamic text box in a chart?

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I know how to create a dynamic chart title in Excel. But is it possible to create a dynamic text box in a chart which contains changing information and is updated automatically? E.g. a box should contain "Maximum = xx.xx", whereby xx.xx is automatically updated/calculated from a source series in the workbook.



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Re: Dynamic text box in a chart?

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In a cell (which may be hidden behind the chart), enter the formula that returns the text you want to display, e.g.

="Maximum = " & TEXT(MAX(A1:A10),"0.00")

Let's say the cell with the formula is D2 on Sheet1.
Click on the chart and type =Sheet1!D2
Press Enter.
You now have a text box on the chart that displays the value of the cell.
You can drag the text box to the desired position, change its formatting etc.
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