Should I upgrade Word 2007?

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Should I upgrade Word 2007?

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Hello all. Would appreciate your thoughts.

I am still using Word 2007. What can I say - it serves my purposes and is working fine on multiple devices, all using copies of the same Normal template, styles, keyboard shortcuts, and VBA macros I've been cultivating for nearly 20 years.

For various reasons, none of them especially critical, I find myself tempted to upgrade to Office 2019. Mostly due to some occasional anomalies I see in copying/pasting/importing/etc between Word and certain other newer programs, that make me wonder if an upgrade would make a difference. (TBH, I mostly doubt it.) There are also some anomalies I see on higher resolutions screens than were common 14 years ago that I hope might be fixed (e.g., opening or previewing certain rtf files causes Word's ribbon and other chroming to get super scaled down, even though the document display remains normal.) I also recall some interesting changes made a few versions back to the Document Map, that might be fun.

I have no interest in using the online Word 365. But I am concerned that somehow the newer versions of "standalone" Word (and Excel too) have nevertheless been "cloud-ified" and integrated into MS's online platforms in ways that will make me regret the upgrade.

Also: will my Normal template and macros still work, or have they somehow messed with that?

All comments appreciated!

Thank you!


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Re: Should I upgrade Word 2007?

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1. I have never liked Word 2007 and considered it a Beta release.
2. Your macros should work.
3. Your normal template should work.
4. You can load Word 2019 on the same computer that has Word 2007 and have both active so you should not lose anything by adding it.
5. Word 2021 is scheduled for release this fall.
6. I do not know that anything that is of concern to you will be better.