Downgrading Office

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Downgrading Office

Post by dasadler »

We just had a laptop repaired (new hard drive) and it came with Windows 10 and some form of Office 2016 - free for one year then an annual charge.

We want to remove that version of office and install our Office 2007. What problems might we face? Are there any precautions we should take?


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Re: Downgrading Office

Post by stuck »

My Win 10 box came with an trial version of Office that I didn't want because I have a full Office 2016 Pro (that I got for next nothing via the MS Home Use Program). I simply used the free version of Revo Uninstaller to remove the trial. I probably then rebooted before sticking the Office 2016 DVD in the drive and installing the full version.


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Re: Downgrading Office

Post by HansV »

After uninstalling Office 2016 from Apps & features, or from the Programs and Features control panel, run the Cleaner and Registry items in CCleaner to remove what's left behind.
Or use Revo Uninstaller Free - many Loungers use this utility. Do this before installing Office 2007.