Strange Happenings

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Strange Happenings

Post by BobH »

I don't know if I'm having Windows problems or if malware has crept in. Things have been a bit wonky today.

In no particular order . . .

I use the Mozilla VPN. When I start the app, it starts then tells me that an update is required; but clicking the update button seems to start a process but it never finishes. Of course, my password for my login to get support no longer works which - combined with the next problem - means I can't get my issue to Mozilla. I would normally call this a Mozilla issue but . . .

When I start Thunderbird I get a series of messages saying that there is a problem with the trash folder on each of my email accounts. I cannot get past these errors. When OK'd or X'd they simply reappear.

I've tried to run Malwarebytes but the program will not load. I downloaded a fresh copy, uninstalled and installed the fresh copy to no avail.

Another forum I frequent requires me to sign in continually then serves be a web page only to require sign in again when I go to a different topic. This has never happened before. While it might be an issue with that forum . . .

Yes, I've rebooted and did so before installing the fresh Malwarebytes app.

All of these things happening more or less simultaneously leads me to think there might be another problem.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated and gratefully received.


Update: I've since been able to get Malwarebytes to run. It found no problems. I also found and ran the Malwarebytes rootkit scanner and ran it without finding anything. I'm experiencing very slow response.

I still have the Thunderbird problem.
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Re: Strange Happenings

Post by StuartR »

Do you have a good image backup that you can restore?

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Re: Strange Happenings

Post by stuck »

What happens if you don't use the VPN?