Office 4 iPad, iPhone; more features now free for consumers

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Office 4 iPad, iPhone; more features now free for consumers

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This means that users just need to download the Office app onto their iPhone, iPad or Android device and sign in using a Microsoft Account. They will then be able to view, edit, create and print Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents for free. Office 365 subscribers will continue to get some advantages. For example, they will have access to premium features like track changes in Word, pivot tables in Excel and presenter view in PowerPoint. They will also get unlimited OneDrive storage, Dropbox integration and 60 Skype world calling minutes per month. However, the core Office experience, which until now has been tightly contained within Microsoft's paywall, will now be available on almost any tablet or smartphone for free.

-- Microsoft's next surprise is free Office for iPad, iPhone, and Android
-- Microsoft refreshes Office for iPad, iPhone; more features now free for consumers
For those consumers who subscribed because they only wanted to do core editing and didn’t want advanced editing and document creation, Microsoft will offer a pro-rated Office 365 refund. (I'll add a link to this post with the details once I receive it from Microsoft.)

Update: Here's how to get that refund if you only wanted the core features you now can get for free.

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