Auto formatting in SharePoint

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Auto formatting in SharePoint

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SharePoint online has auto formatting akin to "autoformat as you type" in Word. For example, in a text web part, if I type three hyphens at the start of a new paragraph, the hyphens are replaced by a horizontal line across that whole part ("<hr>" in the source code).

Unlike Word, however, there don't seem to be any settings in SharePoint to control this. And I haven't found anything online about it.

Does anyone know if there are any relevant settings in SharePoint?

It could be that I don't have the permissions required to access the settings, but I still expect there'd be information online about them if there are any. Especially as reversing the automation may be less than intuitive for some users (like changing smart quotes back to straight quotes, if need be).

For a product that's been around for 20+ years, SharePoint does seem a bit half-baked at times.