Operating System Discs not supplied with new Computers. Advi

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Re: Operating System Discs not supplied with new Computers.

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Operating System Discs not supplied with new Computers. Advice on getting them

Just a quick bit of feedback out of passing interest.

The last situation was_......
_.... through help in this Thread I had been able to make a couple of DVD that seemed like they might be something like the Instillation discs that I had been trying to get hold of…
( Nothing happened when I simply put these discs in however. Also nothing happened if I started the computer with the discs in ( despite apparently putting the DVD drive at “position 1” etc… ). ). – But by double clicking on the disc drive, or double clicking on the .-exe file in it , the Administrator warning about “going ahead to change things on the computer “ came up…
_.......So it did look like a reinstallation might be “ready to go!” with the two disc that I had made.

_. I resisted the temptation at that point as the last communication from the handler was that he would make me the disc I was after and send it to me. So I thought I would wait a bit…. _..
_...That was two weeks ago. The Handler has now given up trying and agreed to take the computer back and give me a refund instead… !! :hairout:

Strange….. Seems like it is not as straight forward after all.
I decided not to try out the two discs I had made in case I did any damage to the computer. ( – I suspect the handler is a bit of a Ploncker, but I am sure he knows more about it then me… so I guess there is a good chance I might do something irreversible )


I am wondering if even though it might be theoretically possible to achieve what I want , that in the practice as no one bothers anymore with newer computers to do reinstallations, so hardly anyone has ever done it in recent years , ( at least not with newer and cheaper computers anyway ). Possibly therefore some difficulties may have crept in along the way that makes it in fact very difficult, if not impossible to do on the more cheaper computers?.

Oh well, the computer is in the post back to the handler.

Possibly I need to be even more insistent that a re- install is possible before I buy again. ( I did ask in this case before the purchase: The answer I got was that a recovery Folder on the desktop had everything that I needed to make the DVD and do a re – install . That ended up to be not true, and so the whole story and this Thread started. After about 3 weeks the handle has given up trying to make such a DVD ) :scratch:

I know it has certainly been done in the past, and also know of many Profis who say they do it on their machines. Possibly the machine has to be a good quality and you need to be an expert to sort out any problems that may come up along the way when doing the re install.

I did not like the computer anyway.. .. The single touch pad was a pain – if you tried to use it to click anywhere, then the mouse moved a bit and you ended clicking in the wrong place.. The battery was sealed internally, so when the computer hung up and reacted to no keys or the on off button , ( which it often did ), then I had to wait a few hours for the battery to run down !! . It is all suggesting to me that computers ( at least the cheaper ones ), are going a bit in the direction of things like Smart Phones.. – That is to say you just buy them every year or so then get rid of them. The thing is then not designed to be able to reinstall an operating system and it is pot luck if you can… or you really need to know what you are doing. I do not… and clearly the handle did not either…

Never mind. Thanks again for the help. We got further than the handler.. possibly :)

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