Mobile agenda?

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Re: Mobile agenda?

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I apologize, but maybe I owe all of you an explanation on how i fixed this (based on suggestions made by Stuart).
I created my MS account a long time ago using my GMail email address. As I had my Outlook Desktop App also configured to use my Google Gmails, I could not create the MS account required to use an online schedule (as that would be the same as my Google email which I had already active in Outlook).
Stuart informed me that there's an alias in the MS setup (and I had that too). So what I did was make my alias the main email address in my MS account first and then I removed my original GMail email (now alias) from my my MS account altogether.
NOW I could go to my MS Outlook Desktop app and use my MS email to setup an MS email account which came with a schedule (that is also online).
The only drawback is that I don't use that email other than for it's schedule but in the Outlook App the email is visible (of course).

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Re: Mobile agenda?

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Well done. And thank you for sharing the solution