IE9 M.I.A.

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IE9 M.I.A.

Post by Roderunner »

Not that I'm particularly bothered, IE9 RTM is not yet added to Windows Update.
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Re: IE9 M.I.A.

Post by John Gray »

It's a fairly major change, so I suppose that Microsoft are letting the enthusiasts have first crack at this browser, and then mop up the apathetic later.
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Re: IE9 M.I.A.

Post by tedshemyers »

The large numbers that have flocked to download IE 9 RTM outside of Windows Update are those of us that can't wait for cutting edge. I suspect it will be added to Windows Update on the next Update Tuesday. IE 9 RTM is my default with Chrome a distant second. In fact the only site I use Chrome for right now is Windows Secrets Lounge because of an enhanced upload attachment problem I'm having there, otherwise IE 9 would be my choice for all sites.
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Re: IE9 M.I.A.

Post by StuartR »

I'm waiting for everyone else to iron out the early bugs. I am in no hurry to update IE.

I did accept the upgrade to Firefox 4, and it's going to take me a while to get used to the changed interface, I have seen no benefits yet.

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Re: IE9 M.I.A.

Post by agibsonsw »

As a Web Developer (ha, ha) I think I'll wait for IE20.

Edited: or 22.86 :grin:
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Re: IE9 M.I.A.

Post by JoeP »

IE9 RTW has been released to Windows Update for those who have IE9 Beta or IE9 RC installed. No word yet on when it will be generally released but I would expect it to be soon.