IE 11 post Windows 10 install of 1511

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IE 11 post Windows 10 install of 1511

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I've noticed that since installing W10 build 10586.3, loading websites from my favorites list has become very slow in IE 11, and often not completing before I'm advised that 'such and such' has stopped responding. However, if I use Edge, the same websites load almost instantly! If I were a cynic I'd wonder whether Microsoft has done something to promote Edge over IE 11 (but I'm probably being paranoid)? I'd be interested if anyone else, with the new build installed, has noticed any issues with IE 11 loading times. :scratch: (I have checked that my paltry download speed is constant at it's normal circa 4Mbps)

Those with download speeds in excess of 50Mbps probably won't notice anything untoward :innocent:

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Re: IE 11 post Windows 10 install of 1511

Post by HansV »

I've been using IE11 intensively since I upgraded to Windows 10 version 1511, and I haven't noticed any problems or slowness.