Extract specifc pages from word document

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Re: Extract specifc pages from word document

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HansV wrote:
01 May 2024, 19:56
... turns out that each page is a section, so you actually want to extract sections
A quick question, partly out of interest, but it might have some small relevance as well … would these "sections" be the things I was seeing yesterday in my dismal attempt to get text from that .rtf file, ( via a stopover in a Word saved as a .htm file and then opened in a text editor) ? – These "<div" (container?) things
Word Sections in rtf htm text.JPG

Until yesterday I had assumed that there was just one of those, (maybe my files had been always small), and I had assumed they effectively held all the text. As it turned out there were 3 of them, so I had to loop and concatenate the text from them to get it all in my coding offering

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Re: Extract specifc pages from word document

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Yes - see this reply
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