Excel 2016 Best Formula to Sum Data

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Excel 2016 Best Formula to Sum Data

Post by Tom54 »

Below is a sample of what I need. I will need to do this for over 20 accounts each with many Companies.

I am trying to update an Excel Standard Report already being used and they don't want Pivot Tables.

I know I can use SumIf or SumIfs functions or Dsum.

Just wondering is there a other formulas I might have missed to get this done.

Revenue Account xxx

Company A USP 100
Company B US 200
Company C For 300
Company D For 400
Company E For 500
Company F For 600
Company G For 700
Total Rev Account xxx 2800

Summary REPORT

USP US Total US FOR Grand total
Revenue xxx 100 200 300 2500 2800


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Re: Excel 2016 Best Formula to Sum Data

Post by HansV »

SUMIF(S) is probably best. If you'd like us to look at it in more detail, please attach a sample workbook.