Port Forwarding Time Capsule/Leopard

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Port Forwarding Time Capsule/Leopard

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I have created a web site using iWeb and can view the site in my LAN: not only from my Macbook but Windows PCs as well. My challenge is getting to the web page from the Internet or WAN. I am not familiar in this area but have been reading up on it and have come to conclude it is a port issue. My router is an Apple Time Capsule and I believe I may not have setup the port forwarding correctly. One more bit of information is that I setup my Macbook as a web server.

My configuration is: cable modem>Macbook>DynDSN>Internet

Any advice would be truly appreciated.


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Re: Port Forwarding Time Capsule/Leopard

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One thing you need to check is whether your ISP allows you to set up Internet facing services. Many ISPs intercept port 80 to prevent you from setting up home web servers.